[rescue] Drive bracket for Netra X1

P Nutton Paul.Nutton at awe.co.uk
Fri Jan 3 04:37:26 CST 2003


Anyone have a source for drive brackets for Netra X1 1U boxes? Is it a
design they pinched of someone else? Stamped on the existing bracket is
342705400004 which I assume is part 342-7054 but google turns up nothing.
Sun have helpfully supplied a dummy bracket in the second slot, 342705400005
which is similar to the one holding a disk, but different enough to make it
impossible to mount a disk in it without metalshop 101. Of course Sun don't
mention these part numbers anywhere, just the ones for the complete units
with brackets, X7095A (20GB) and X7096A (40GB) or the bare disks 20GB
(370-4365) and 40GB (370-4419). Or so says
http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_pub/Systems/Netra_X1/components.html. We
already have a box of bare disks and would like to bung an extra disk in
each Netra for mirrors.
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