[rescue] Sun Sparcserver 1000 question

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Fri Jan 3 00:32:55 CST 2003

Okay this one has only a single cpu board.

Here is what happens:

I power it up... in the front the left, middle and right light turn on.
Then the right one flicker's a few times and it stay's on like that.

On the back (only 1 system board):
The led's do some stuff and flicker arround. After that only
the 2 green LED's (cpu led's) stay lit.
I tried to console in but didnt get anything. Maybe I have
the wrong cable (it's late at night and I build one quick
with shell's) so I will grab one at work tomorrow that I
know that works.

Looks like the machine is dead...

For the fact that it was tossed in part's into a wet dumpster
and took some serious rain beating that kinda makes sense.
The machine is all dry now but who know's what those corporate
pigs did to that poor little machine :-)


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> On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, Thomas Gallaway wrote:
> > On the front there is a green and a orange LED on.
> > Any ideas?
> The system did not POST correctly.   Connect a terminal to look for
> enlightening error messages.  If that doesn't work, look for a row of
> LEDs on the rear of the machine (on each system board).  During POST,
> one of the system boards should have a lit row of LEDs, and the LEDs on
> the other cards should be off.  After POST, a single green LED for each
> CPU will light, and the yellow LEDs will seek back and forth to
> illustrate idle CPU cycles.
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