[rescue] KVM prefs?

Shawn Wallbridge swallbridge at franticfilms.com
Thu Jan 2 23:05:33 CST 2003

Eric Webb wrote:

>Anyone care to throw my way recommendations on a KVM?  I'm familiar with 
>Belkins, but I hear there is cheaper and better stuff out there.  I'm 
>currently contemplating a Cybex Switchview (4port ~$80).
>I would like to have something that I could use with Linux boxen, Sparcs and 
>possibly an Indigo2, but I realize the Sun keyboard/mouse conversion would be 
>the biggest hangup there (for which adapters are available).  
>My biggest concern is video quality at 1280x1024 and/or 16x12.  What's the 
>secret to making these resolutions work well?
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I have over a dozen Avocent (formerly Cybex) SwitchView OSD KVM's in our 
render farm and I am impressed. We don't normally run super high 
resolutions, but when I need to, they are fine.

I do recommend the Avocent cables though, they make things much easier 
(they have one cable that breaks out into the seperate k v & m cables at 
teh machine/switchbox instead of having three cables. They are a little 
pricey ($20CAN for a 8ft cable), but good quality.


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