[rescue] Bay Networks Remote Annex 2000

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Thu Jan 2 21:42:55 CST 2003

So I pulled today during the rain and shitty weather this bay networks remote
annex 2000 out
of a dumpster. Also there where a few video conference server's and a Sun
sparcserver 1000.

So the sparcserver works great (after putting all it's bit's back together and
drying them) but
the annex 2000 does funky stuff.

I was wondering if anybody has one of those. What happens is when  you turn it
on all the lights
turn on and the POWER light start's flashing and the ATTN light is red not
green like the others.
Also the internal fan sounds borked I dont know if the annex detects that or

Bay Networks doesnt have the docs for that on their website does anybody know
what that
error code means?

Also I opend the annex and in the inside where like it looks to me parts
missing. There are 2
slots for simm's and 2 other slot's that are empty.


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