[rescue] exasperating hardware issues

Michael Free mfree80286 at adelphia.net
Thu Jan 2 21:18:27 CST 2003

Hello again,

    I've got an Axil 245 with 64M ram and an IBM 0664-N1H hard drive, and an
Osprey 1100. I'm running a fresh Solaris 2.5.1 install, the latest of the
Osprey drivers, and Openwindows 3.5.1. Here's what happens....

Alright, I enter the changes in the environment variables necessary to run the
Osprey. I enter openwin. I type Xil_display to test the card, which is
supposed to open a window and display 99 frames, then close. At least that's
what's supposed to happen. What happend instead, is that I get 0 to 99 frames,
and then the system either hangs hard, or there's one time I earned a watchdog
reset, and the resolution appeared to chagne on the video card (IIRC, a turbo
GX +).

Any ideas? Questions/need more detail? This thing is giving me fits, and I've
got 30-40 minutes of in-car autocross runs on 8MM that I want to get
transferred to MPG and on the internet.

Mike Free

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