[rescue] Old Mac Software

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Thu Jan 2 13:39:49 CST 2003

SWMBO's mother is cleaning house.  Well, actually, she's tossing out a
whole bunch of stuff to make room for renovations.  Among the pile of
stuff to be tossed are several hundred floppies and CDs containing
vintage Macintosh software.

Among the gems:
  Mathematica 2.0 through 2.2 (and 1.0 through 1.2, if I can find them).
  Macintosh System 1.0, 2.x, and 7.0
  Clarisworks 2.0 and 3.0 (and probably 1.0)
  Hypercard 2.2
  CodeWarrior 6 through 8
  Lots of nifty productivity-ware

I don't think I can fit all the software in my luggage (hell, I'm
already cramming a IIci -and- a IIfx in there), and I don't have the
authority to say "drive on over to $address today and pick out what you
want", so I'm going to try to get disc images of -everything- (thank God
for 40GB laptop hard drives) today.  However, priority will be given to
the things that I find interesting (dev tools, Mathematica, ancient
OSes, and officeware).

If anyone is looking for something[3] (to replace floppies that might've
died from old age) that might be in this pile (and wants to make sure I
get it imaged), or has a NuBus Ethernet card that will work in a IIfx[1]
(that I can have or at least borrow for today--I fly out tomorrow
morning).  A working NuBus Ethernet card would be Really Sweet (TM)
since the one that I have appears to be dead[2] and my USB floppy drive
can't read 800k discs.

Oh, and IIfx RAM would be nifty, too.  20MB is crampy.

[1] Said IIfx has a RasterOps 2-something card in it which may or may
    not cause compatibility issues with some Ethernet cards.
[2] When I give it 'net over a known-good cable the link-OK light blinks
    on and then immediately off, so it's probably the transceiver, and
    I don't have a spare with me.
[3] Note (to cover my ass and Bill's ass): I'm not a 1337 w4r3z d00d.
    I'll be more than willing to give copies of disc images to replace
    dead floppies, but I'm not going to just open the whole archive for

Jonathan Patschke
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