[rescue] DEC hard drive

Dan Williams dan.williams at btconnect.com
Thu Jan 2 10:59:51 CST 2003

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> From: "Brent B. Powers" <sunrescue at b2pi.com>
> > I have a Quantum Atlas II (3.5", 4.5G, scsi-3 I think) that identifies
> > itself with words like "digital P/N RC1C8-BA A02".
> >
> > No sun or PC that I have likes it. My suspicion is that it has
> > different firmware. Anyone with a clue by four?
> >
> In my experience, some drives with DEC or Tendem firmware tend to not work
> in any system without a DEC or Tandem SCSI controller.  I recently ran
> this issue with a bunch Seagate 36GB drives.
> Kurt
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The drives I have came out of a dec server which had a mylex raid
controller. But they refuse to work else where.


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