[rescue] Cool hardware!

Linc Fessenden linc at thelinuxlink.net
Wed Jan 1 22:03:29 CST 2003

Hi folks.  One of the things that has been tying up my time lately is that
I am involved in the core of a Compuets for Kids org that is trying to
provide underpriveliged children in our area with free computers.  Many of
which are going out the door with Linux on them :-)
We have a good start and have been receiving donations of used computer
equipt that we can refurb and get out to kids, however, we have some
residuals..  Some equipt is just not viable or modern enough for kids to
really get use out of and I wanted to ask you all about my ideas for this
stuff.  I thought we may be able to sell some of it to collectors and
hardware geeks like yourselves for some miniscule amount of money to help
us pay some bills like getting a phone line installed, etc..  Some of the
things I have run into so far is:
A compaq 286 lugable w/ plasma screen and beautiful soft carry bag (works
well, but has a
noticable jitter in middle column of plasma screen but is definately
A working b/w Mac SE (really neat) with a nice crisp screen, 4mg ram and a
150 meg hdd
Some odd's and ends 5/8/16 port 10bt hubs
and some other misc equipt including a couple half height scsi cdroms
(Tandy's) the kind that fit right into Sun pizzabox cases.

Is anyone interested in any of this stuff?  How much is any of this worth?

BTW, there is literally a metric assload of this stuff I haven't even
gone through yet including lots more old hardware, software and
peripherals that will undoubtably end up on the block, so if you are
looking for something odd, please let me know and I'll keep my eye out for

-Linc Fessenden

In the Beginning there was nothing, which exploded - Yeah right...

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