[rescue] RDI Powerlite Laptop

bill pointon wpointon at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 1 12:09:47 CST 2003

hey michael -  i was in the same situation and i made one for mine by 
cutting up and bending a notebook hard drive adapter that was to mount a 
notebook drive in a 3 1/2 in drive bay - it was the optimal solution at 
the time cause i had the adapter lying around so i didnt try to find a 
sled - notebook scsi drives are hard to find and limit you to 800 megs 
or 1.2 gig at most so i used a 10 gig ide drive i had and bought a 
notebook ide to scsi adapter for about $150  - good luck and ymmv - billp

On Wednesday, January 1, 2003, at 10:05 , Michael Thompson wrote:

> I just picked up a working RDI Powerlite laptop, but it is missing the 
> hard
> drive carrier (caddy).
> Anyone know of a source?
> Michael Thompson
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