[rescue] Indy bits

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:30 CST 2003

On Sun, 2003-11-30 at 21:28, Carl R. Friend wrote:
>    Curt,
> > I have Indy mainboards, power supplies, etc.
> > 
> > I have more than I need, make an offer on a mainboard and it is yours.
>    How's $50 sound?  I understand you're located either in, or
> near, Sharon, MA.  Whilst I'm not exactly close (just north of
> Worcester), I'm well within driving distance and will be passing
> through your neck of the woods on Friday.

$50 is a bit high IMHO for a bare Indy board.  I'd say $40 is 
more than sufficient.  Are there any other Indy bits besides the
motherboard you are looking for.  I assume your processor is still
OK, correct ?  (Can't say I've ever seen one go myself, but if there
is anything computers have taught me over the years is that anything
is possible).

If you need any other Indy bits, here is a run down of what I have:

Sony Power Supply (this is better than the failure prone Nidec unit and
includes a thermostatically controlled fan... which in most Indy 
configs means they run damn quiet since the fans will rarely come
Indy mainboard
Drive brackets
decent condition Indy "top" covers.
and I may have one XZ video board left for Indy... 24 bit 
accelerated framebuffer.

What time will you be passing through my area on Friday ?  I'm working
a conract job in Cambridge and most nights don't get home till
7:30PM.... although Fridays I usually get out a little earlier...
but my Mom just ended up in the hospital so I don't know what is 
happening there either....

-- Curt

>    Is 50 enough, or do I need to up my bid?
> 					Sincerely,
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