[rescue] FS: Closet Cleaning

Peter D. Porter peter at brightavenue.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:28 CST 2003

I have a bunch of junk that's sitting in the middle of our living room 
now, and I'd really like to see it go away :)  Make an offer on anything 
below; as long as it's reasonable, I'll probably take it.  Shipping will 
be from 21403 (Annapolis, MD).  You're welcome to pick up, if you're in 
the area!  Feel free to email or call with any questions.  Info at bottom.


Archive 4352XP DDS Tape Drive, external SCSI

Indigo 2 Power Supply, p/n 22928800, w/impact power plug

(3) Sun Type 6 Country Kit
(2) Sun Type 5 Keyboard and mouse

PowerMac 6500/225 (no drives or memory)
PowerMac 7300/180 (ethernet, cdrom, 2G, ~200ish MB ram)
Apple 1705 Multiscan 17" Monitor
Intergraph Dual Pentium Pro 180mhz, scsi, ethernet (no drives or memory)

Compaq Contura Aero 4/33c laptop w/ac adapter, no floppy, no os
IBM Thinkpad 390/380/570/560 Port Replicator
IBM Thinkpad 560x/380/385 Enhanced Port Replicator

SpeedStream 5260 ADSL Modem, new in box
Surecom 16 Port 10BaseT hub

Yaesu VC-25 Vox Headset (ham radio), in box (works w/VX5,VX7,VX1,VX2,etc.)

Palm Zire 71 like-new w/standard accessories
iPaq 3675 w/usb cradle, box, media, 2002 OS
iPaq 3650 w/usb cradle, box, media, 2002 OS (needs battery)
iPaq PCMCIA sleeve w/battery
Omnisky Minstrel Palm V/Vx Wireless CDPD modem
Palm III Modem
Sony Ericsson T68i T-Mobile GSM phone like new in box

An assortment of PCI video cards, an ISA radio card, and an ISA video 
capture card

Peter Porter
peter at thinkingclearly.com
(410) 263-4966
(443) 321-4717 -fax

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