[rescue] AS4100a questions (and problems booting Debian)

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:28 CST 2003

On Nov 29, 2003, at 4:06 AM, Jochen Kunz wrote:
>> (FreeBSD might support multiple CPU's; NetBSD definitely doesn't
>> unless the website is lying).
> The web site is outdated. NetBSD 1.6 comes with SMP on VAX and Alpha.
> -current added SMP for i386, sparc and macppc. NetBSD-current should be
> able to do SMP nicely on an AS4100. I heared that there where some
> problems with occasional crashes. Maybe this got ironed out meanwhile.
> Unfortunately NetBSD doesn't want to do SMP on my triple CPU AS2100
> 5/250, 1 GB RAM, but there is Tru64.

   NetBSD/alpha is unstable when using multiple processors on an 
AS4100...it freezes under load.  It booted and enabled multiple 
processors, but crashed shortly thereafter on an AS2100 well over two 
years ago...I don't know if that situation has been improved yet.


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