[rescue] Playing and Recording music on DAT tapes

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:27 CST 2003

Every audio ready scsi dat drive will do. Just google for the dat drive 
have and see if it can handle audio dat's. I am not sure if every dat 
play back audio dat's but the one I used to have had it special written
into the specs that it could. It was on a windows server using some dos
tool and converted the dat to wav.

On Nov 28, 2003, at 6:34 PM, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:

> I have some old studio master tapes (yeah, I was in a band, once) that 
> I'd
> like to have converted to some digital medium.  I have a friend who is 
> a
> composer/arranger, if he could play the tapes in his home studion and 
> burn
> CDs from them.
> It turns out he doesn't burn CDs because the music biz actually sends 
> the
> stuff around on DAT tapes.  He says ...
>> My DAT machine is the standard professional workhorse - a Tascam 
>> DA-30.
> It
>> uses standard DAT tapes and can record at sampling frequencies of 
>> either
> 48kHz,
>> 44.1kHz, or 32kHz from digital inputs.  It's an older model from the 
>> mid
>> 90's.  I recently had one of my DATs converted to CD by the friend I
> mentioned in
>> my last email and he played my DAT through a newer but similar style 
>> DAT
>> machine in his studio with no problem.
> Now, my Indigo^2 has a program called "DATman", which purports to be 
> able to
> play DAT tapes.  Is it going to play them through any DDS drive, or is 
> it
> one of those SGI deals like the audio-over-SCSI that only works with 
> certain
> CD drives, and only on the internal SCSI bus?
> The DATman man page indicates that it'll play 'em, and even produce 
> files on
> disk, but is silent on the hardware details.  If it mentions the 
> format of
> the files it produces, I can't find that, either.  Has anyone ever 
> tried it?
> -Shel
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