[rescue] Sun Ray Audio Issues

Michael Dombrowski ab1244 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:27 CST 2003

Hello All,
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am using a Sun Ray
as my main desktop at home and rather pleased except
for the audio issues that I am having - playback is
rather choppy, even when nothing else is running. My
machine is rather beefy: U30, 300mhz, lotsa ram, fast
disks, and the 'Ray is the only machine on the network
so I doubt the problem is there. Most of the time the
cpu utilization is very low and yet skips still
happen. My only guess is that the Sun Ray software
does not devote so much time to audio processing, is
there maybe some way to increase the priority of it?
Or any other possible fixes?


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