[rescue] Brocade Switches

Björn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Sat Dec 20 18:08:26 CST 2003

Scotty Logan wrote:
> 1 do the switches have different domain IDs?
> 2 do the zonesets have the same name?
> 3 if there are zones with the same name on each switch, do they contain
> the same members?

I don't know about vendor-specific handling of zones, since we are a
100% DEC/COMPAQ/HP-camp, but my method is always to power down (and
probably re-initialize) one of the switches and connect them. On powerup
the "slave" recieves the fabric zone and things works dandy-dandy. This,
ofcourse, after the switch has been set to a unique ID.


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