[rescue] Time to replace the IPX

Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Sat Dec 20 18:08:21 CST 2003

On 2003.11.26 02:39 Scott Newell wrote:

> I like the idea of an Alpha.  A lot. 
They make good NetBSD machines. But keep im mind to get lots of RAM. An
Alpha will eat 128 MB for breakfast. 256MB is minimum, 512MB is OK when
you put some load on that box. 

A PWS {433|500|600} should do well on that job, has 100 MBit Tulip on 
board, the "au" version comes with QLogic UW SCSI and can be feed with 
quite normal PC100 ECC SDRAM DIMMs. (max. 256 MB per DIMM, two DIMMs 
per bank.) 

A AlphaStation 600A may do well to, but it needs FPM PS/2 parity SIMMs.
Don't confue the AS600A with the older, slower AS600. The AS600 is a 
nice machine, but AFAIK maxes out at 333 MHz. 

> SCA drives, or would I need (ugh) 80->68 pin adapters?
Looks so. Or you get a BA356 StorageWorks shelf with SCA SBBs. (Storage
Building Blocks == drive canisters)

> >IBM, well. The 43P-{100|133|140} machines are supported by NetBSD,
> Having a hard time finding specs online...
> is that 10/100 networking onboard? 
No. When you run NetBSD you can use any generic PCI network card. I have
a 100 MBit Tulip and a DEC DEFPA FDDI card in my machine.

> SCA drives? 
No. But I have SCA drive bays for three SCA disks, that can be mounted
in a regular 5,25" FH drive bay, in my BULL AIX machine. I saw things
like this for a few EUR going on ePay.

> Is memory cheap and easy to find?
I don't know about the -140, but the -100 and -133 needs FPM PS/2 parity
SIMMs. I sugest to get at least a -140. The -100 and -133 are only
PPC604 100 MHz and 133 MHz. They may be a bit underpowered.


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