[rescue] Time to replace the IPX

jdboyd at jdboyd.zill.net jdboyd at jdboyd.zill.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:20 CST 2003

On Tue, Nov 25, 2003 at 07:39:33PM -0600, Scott Newell wrote:

> >IBM, well. The 43P-{100|133|140} machines are supported by NetBSD, but
> >not by the latest AIX. So they may be cheap to get. The installer is
> >broken, so you need a bit of hand work to get it on the disk. At the
> >moment I run NetBSD/prep on a 43P-100 and it works well. 

How would a NetBSD running 43P-140 compare to U2, U5, or U30?  For say, 
tasks like "find -exec grep ..." ing through multi hundred meg source 
repositories, and doing fairly large GCC compiles.

While not really currently in the market, a workstation that can shift 
through data faster that a P4 that sustains 27 megs per second to/from 
disk would be quite nice, especially if it wasn't another intel machine.  
For what I have in mind, it would be easy to parallelize for multiple CPUs
if the disks could keep up.

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