[rescue] Christmas housecleaning

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:17 CST 2003

On Sunday 23 November 2003 06:48 pm, Thomas Gallaway wrote:
> Okay here is a list of stuff that's taking up space in my basement and
> will
> need to go. Most of it is free. I will accept donations for it but all
> the cash
> that I will get out of this is going to a charity.

Hello...  my interests (if any of it be available):

> 1 * Crate full with PCI and AGP cards. Raid controller, SCSI
> Controllers, Video cards.
> TV Card. 4* Serial ports and other stuff. Most stuff known working.

TV Card, unless you want to unload the whole crate at once, which I 

> 1 * Crate full with random parts like CD-Rom drives. About 30-40 memory
> sticks.
> SCSI cables, Soundblaster cards, Harddrives (68pin and laptop). P3
> cpu's (4 or so)
> . Celeron, cpu. Syquest drive 1gb, Iomage Jaz 1 or 2gb. And more...

Interested in P3 CPUs.  Any.  All.  Whatever.  Anything is bonus :)

> 1 * Box with sun stuff.  Ultra1, Netra T1, SBus cards. CPU's.

Interested in whatever hasn't been picked over yet.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm going out of town the last half of this week and 
first part of next, but hopefully we can talk before then (I seriously expect 
most of above to be gone already).


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