[rescue] SunFastEthernet questions

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Sat Dec 20 18:08:17 CST 2003

Eric Dittman wrote:
> I've had a system that was set to autonegotiate say the port was
> running 100FDX, and the switch say the port was running 100FDX,
> and still have poor throughput.  Locking both sides at 100FDX gave
> me much better throughput.  I have no explanation.
> >
   I had a problem like this, and during my searches I found a doc on cisco's
web site saying exactly that, mentioning Sun NICs specifically :7)
   I think it was this one: http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/473/46.html, in
which they say (among other stuff), "In some cases, auto-negotiation with some
Sun NICs might result in a non-optimal configuration (such as 10-Mbps
half-duplex instead of 100-Mbps full-duplex)."
   That's being polite. :7)
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI

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