[rescue] Speaking of Christmas cleaning...

brooke brooke at gravitt.org
Sat Dec 20 18:08:15 CST 2003

Speaking of Christmas cleaning...

I still have an 15" DVI Apple LCD + AGP GeForce2MX that someone from 
the macswap list wanted, but never paid for. Anyone interested?

I've got piles of powermacs and a bare Ultra 1 if anyone local wants to 
pick through it. I've tried to sell them on mac swap & ebay. If they're 
not picked up by next week,I'm putting them out by the trash.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving. It's my 30th birthday Thursday so 
if anyone is in the Atlanta area this weekend, my soccer pals and I are 
planning to get f'ed up (it's more than one person's b-day), so maybe 
we can have a few holiday pints.



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