[rescue] Latest from the closet

James Birdsall jwbirdsa at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:15 CST 2003

It's bill-paying time again, so anything unpaid by the 30th without
arrangements will go elsewhere. Thanks!

--James B.

====== Priced as marked, plus shipping

Netopia R3100I IDSL router, last known working, $5

DEC RRD40-DC external CD-ROM, with M7552/RRD50 Qbus controller, manual, 2
cables, 5 caddies, bulkhead cable, and M9047 grant continuity card), sold to
me as working, $40 OBO

IBM 8271-108 managed switch, 8 ports 10baseT plus expansion card with 3
ports 10baseFL, working pull, $10

IBM 8271-216 managed switch, 16 ports 10baseT plus expansion card with one
100baseTX port, working (not pulled yet! available after next weekend), $10

IBM 8271-712 managed switch, OEMed 3Com, 12 ports 10/100, working, $35

two Seagate ST-42400ND 5.25" FH differential Fast SCSI-2 2.1G disks,
condition unknown, $5 each

two 3Com Impact IQ (3C882) ISDN modems, $5 each

====== Free for shipping:

HP A1703-60009 and 0950-2150: these two appear to be related parts of an HP
power supply, but partsurfer.hp.com as usual denies any knowledge of these
part numbers. I don't even know exactly what it is, let alone what condition
it's in.

HP C1503B DDS-1 drive and various rails and plastic parts that may or may
not be related, condition unknown

Big old Sun shoebox with Emulex MD21 and Toshiba MK156 ESDI drive, condition

two AUI hubs, 8 down ports and one up, 120VAC, working pulls

LK201 keyboard, a bit dirty, condition unknown

Mitsubishi MF356F-258MD 3.5" 2.88M floppy, condition unknown

Two SCSI cables, HD68 on either end but 50-pin header connectors in the
middle, probably used with the differential disks

Maxtor XT-1140 140M 5.25" FH MFM drive, last known working but that was
years ago

Seagate ST-412, condition unknown

Wangtek 5099 QIC24 tape drive plus Emulex MT02, from a Sun shoebox,
condition unknown

Archive 9020B QIC11 tape drive from a Sun 2/120, condition unknown

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