[rescue] Christmas housecleaning

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:15 CST 2003

Okay here is a list of stuff that's taking up space in my basement and 
need to go. Most of it is free. I will accept donations for it but all 
the cash
that I will get out of this is going to a charity.

1 * (Cisco 2500, 2 * Cylink encryption units (complete with keys). 2 * 
Adtran TSU100) and bunch of V35 cables and cisco cable too. $100

1 * Luminator LCD Projector. Has RGB and Composite inputs. Will do 
640x480 resolution. Big and noisy. Has
very nice and clean picture. $150

4 * Adtran TSU100's

1 * 19" Rack. Full height. Light. On wheels. Has 2 shelfes. Pickup only.

1 * Intel dual tape drive (XL Tapes) and Intel backup controller. All 
in 2 external cases
connected to each other. The backup controller is not y2k compatible. 
It has
built in ethernet and some scsi disk inside and a LCD display on the 
front. I am sure you
can use the tape drive by itselfe without the controller as it is 
SCSI-2. Heavy.

1 * HP Kayak Workstation (dual processor capable. with scsi disk.) 
Unknown status. Has
1 CPU installed.

1 * Bay Networks Annex Terminal Server 64 port.

1 * Crate full with PCI and AGP cards. Raid controller, SCSI 
Controllers, Video cards.
TV Card. 4* Serial ports and other stuff. Most stuff known working.

1* Ross KVM switch. Needs cables. Has 8 in, 1 out DB25 ports. Also has 

2 * Laptop's unknown condition. One is a german laptop and the display 
backlite is
not coming on anymore K6-350mhz with 128mb ram. The other is a HP 
that is missing it's power supply. Last known to work. Very tiny. 
Pentium 90.

1 * Crate full with random parts like CD-Rom drives. About 30-40 memory 
SCSI cables, Soundblaster cards, Harddrives (68pin and laptop). P3 
cpu's (4 or so)
. Celeron, cpu. Syquest drive 1gb, Iomage Jaz 1 or 2gb. And more...

1 * Box with sun stuff.  Ultra1, Netra T1, SBus cards. CPU's.

2 * Ethernet encryption units. 1 Key available. 1 Key missing. Has 2 
rj45 plugs on
each side. Appreantly can encrypt ethernet link over the internet? Made 
by Newbridge

1 * Box full with SCSI CD-Writer. Unknown stats. Parts of a cd 
duplication station.

There is more stuff like random cables.
I can ship the crates. Shipping costs will be calculated then. I would 
prefer too local
pickup as I am really busy.

For people who want to pick it up locally (Washington DC area) they can 
dig true the
other piles of random hardware and cables. I am sure there is more 
stuff that I need
to get rid off that just has to go. I can bring stuff all the way to 
college park  or bethesda.

Like I said I do not want to make any profit out of this. All the money 
that get's donated
will go to a charity. Contact me off list please.

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