[rescue] Network aware power switch?

brooke brooke at gravitt.org
Sat Dec 20 18:08:13 CST 2003

Anyone know of a network aware power switch? (Something where power can 
be killed/popped on remotely)

I ended up getting a root shell on the indy by using the telnetd 
exploit. Everything's cool now, and I didn't even have to open the 
case. In case anyone's interested, here's how I got in:

take delivery of indy (with no passwords included)
find out all guest/regular accounts are disabled
try to boot singleuser from bootprom
boot prom to sash
cat /etc/shadow from sash
run john on powerbook overnight to see if passwords are crackable/common
exploit bug in telnetd to get root shell with a buffer overflow
modify /etc/shadow so I can let myself in
play with new indy!

Thanks for all the pointers, I had fun trying to break into the box 
without actually opening it up or resorting to booting a cd.

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