[rescue] Apex Console server equipment quetions/etc (outlook, viewpoint, etc)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:13 CST 2003

I have come into some Apex console server equipment....

a EL-480DT 8 system console switch (which I'm keeping for myself)...
it is really interesting as it supports two monitors/keyboards/mice
rather than the usual one.

I also have an EL-84DT that has been hand marked to an EL-84SP.  This
is an 8 port serial console server/switch.  However, I can't figure out
how to communicate with it.  It probably needs some key sequence to
get to the management menu, or switch ports or something.... between
not knowing that and not knowing the baud rate, I'm unable to do 
anything with it.  Anyone have any experience with these.  It has
an RJ45 jack which I hoped meant it was a networked serial console
server... but it doesn't appear to be that (the electronics don't
look right for it.... instead I think it is a remote/daisy chain

I also have the opporunity to get some viewpoint 32/64 gear.  If
anyone is using this, I think I can get three to four pods (a mix
of single and dual pods).  I also can get some of the blades
for the ViewPoint 32/64 chassis... possibly even a entire
ViewPoint 32 chassis with two or three cards in it.  If anyone
is using any of these and could use any of these parts let me know
ASAP before I pass that stuff by (I don't have a use for this stuff
myself but maybe someone here does).  Fee free to make offers on
the viewpoint stuff if you can use it...

-- Curt

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