[rescue] PanaStation SS-UE/Sun E4500? in UK

Steven Hill sjh at waroffice.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:11 CST 2003

> That comes out the same way.  I don't know why.


> But, Dude!  Your using Word to put together web pages?


I have stuff sitting around in a spreadsheet with info, so futzing it in
word was the quickest way (at the time, for some definition of quick) to
get the thing online.

I suppose I should fix the site sooner rather than later.

> Maybe that has something to do with it.  I have no clue.  Other stuff on
> ohno.mrbill.net comes out fine.

Indeed. Bill has tidy pages. I have some old sites up, and a gallery. The
computers page is just a quick list of my crapola.

I was considering futzing with moveable type amongst others for my site,
but haven't got round to it yet - as you can see, it is not really a
priority. vi does perfectly well for most of my other pages.

Steven Hill

"He who controls the Spice, controls the universe!"
				- Baron Harkonnen, Dune.

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