[rescue] SGI Irix / Indy question

Paul paul at techcenter3000.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:10 CST 2003

Have you tried booting single and sash? I had a machine that someone had
accidentally WIPED the passwd AND shadow files out on. Serial console in,
boot single and give it the path to sash, and recreated the passwd file.
(actually, copied on from IIRC a NetBSD box)

Both sash and fx have 'standalone' versions, you just have to give the boot


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> >> Looks like I may have a crack.
> >
> >    Can I use that in my .sig?
> >
> >       -Dave
> I would be honored. Give me a few more days, and I will say something even
> more unintentionally funny.
> Now, excuse me while I examine my crack. I just dumped its contents, and
> need to poke through it.
> --Brooke
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