[rescue] SGI Irix / Indy question

Brooke Gravitt brooke at gravitt.org
Sat Dec 20 18:08:09 CST 2003

> Brooke Gravitt wrote:
>> Exactly. I've tried everything I know. That's why I was hoping someone
>> knew of a specific exploit that might crack this puppy.  I've been
>> trying to exploit rexec, telnet, & ftp in every way I can think of.
>> It's not serving pages- any way to tell what version of httpd is
>> running to maybe overflow?
> And it doesn't answer to an 'OPTIONS / HTTP/1.0' request? Or 'GET /
> HTTP/0.9'? (this will sometimes work). If it's been a webserver, you
> might try to look up the original IP number on www.netcraft.com.

Nope. from the files in /etc & what's in the only user's home directory,
it looks like it was a machine used for framemaker. It doesn't have a
internet routable IP addy.

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