[rescue] SGI Irix / Indy question

Brooke Gravitt brooke at gravitt.org
Sat Dec 20 18:08:08 CST 2003

> If properly compiled, linux can read EFS and XFS file systems.  Get to
> the passwd file or shadow and run it through John.
> /KRM

Got to the /etc/shadow file and ran it through john( by copying the
entries to a file on my laptop and running john there.) No dice. I guess
I'll have to crack open the box and take the drive out, mount it on a
linux box, and zero out the root passwd.


Someone can provide a link to a bootable IRIX iso?


someone can give me an exploit to get root on the box? It's got ports 7,
11, 13,  21, 23, 37, 80, 512, 513, 541

I'm kinda having fun just trying to brute-force my way on to the box. For
the $4 the box cost, this is cheaper thrills than sitting through a 


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