[rescue] 110VAC --> 208 or 220VAC transformers?

James james at jdfogg.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:07 CST 2003

> The rated capacity on the Auspex is 200-240V @ 16A; however, the VME
> card cage has just the bare minimum number of cards, thus I figure
> that I could get by with less than 9A.
> A converter transformer that will take 18A of 110VAC and convert to
> 220 with 9A is availble for about $200 from what I am told.  Plus the
> cost of wiring into the panel I have.
> Does anyone have experience with these sort of things?  Any gotchas I
> should watch out for?  I assume that the transformer will for the most
> part give me the same quality of 220 as I have of 110 now (i.e. no
> weird harmonics or crap like that).
> --Patrick

Well, xformers aren't 100% efficient, so 18A in doesn't equal 9A out, but
will be close. They can be hot and noisy, depending on how they are
constructed. It is unlikely that it will be UL listed for residential use,
so pray that nothing goes wrong or the insurance company will ruin your
life. There is some capacitive and magnetic dampening so a transient in may
not look the same on the output, but otherwise it should be 60hz sine.

I think I'd try to find a source for 220 first (run a line or use a dryer or
stove outlet). If you have to wire in the xformer anyways its cheaper to
just pull 220 from the box.

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