[rescue] Shifted Sun GDM-500PS...

sammy ominsky s at avoidant.org
Sat Dec 20 18:08:05 CST 2003

On Wednesday, Nov 19, 2003, at 21:50 Asia/Jerusalem, Jonathan C. 
Patschke wrote:

>   http://www.redwingshoes.com/shoe-zoom.cfm?style=2412

Ah, they no longer sell the one I wear. It's uninsulated, with a steel 
toe, and a steel plate in the sole as well for puncture resistance. 
It's not electrical-hazard rated either, unfortunately, but the plate 
in the sole is completely sealed in rubber and isolated so it won't 
ground me.

I love my Red Wings. Had them for about 6 years now. Resoled twice, and 
I oil them about monthly to maintain the waterproofness. When i was 
leaving for Israel, the manager of the store I go to *gave* me a jar of 
the oil to take with me. I love their lace replacement policy too. "I 
need new laces." "Here you go."

And yes, quite the most comfortable shoes I own.

hahaha. Now that I'm in Israel, and have to go through metal detectors 
ALL THE TIME, I've developed a technique for dealing with wearing steel 
toed boots. I walk up to the detector, put my keys, cell phone and 
pocket knife on the security pedestal, and before stepping through the 
detector, tell the guard "Steel toes" and stick one foot at a time 
through, in a sort of goose step that doesn't take me anywhere. Then I 
step through and let them check me with the wand if they want.

The guards at all my regular places are getting to know me.


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