I2 info was [rescue] Big haul at work

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:05 CST 2003

 Innfomail at aol.com sez ...
> I ran across two unknown untested I2s, two teal and one purple.
> They indicate they are R10Ks (10000 on the front). The teal I2s
> have upgrade stickers in the back.

Is there any reason to upgrade a teal box except to put Impact graphics in

> The link to SGIs in this current thread answered most of my
> questions except
> what to offer for one, particularly the purple. The people are PC
> people with little knowledge of SGI and no idea of the value.

The last two I acquired were ...

Teal R4k-200, Extreme, 128 MB, 2 GB, CD-ROM, DDS tape, external SCSI floppy,
KB, Mouse - $50

Purple R10k-195, Max Impact, 256 MB, no drives or sleds - $50

Both sellers _delivered_ 'em!

> I want to make an offer without opening it if possible so I know
> it will be
> low. I bought an unopened SS5 for $10 and a 20E20 for $20
> yesterday. Also got a
> free 4/75 and a free 4011 SGI and a couple other monitors.
> They know nothing about the I2s so they are reluctant to price them. I am
> going back by tomorrow so I would like to make them an offer.

Look at the back.

Max Impact video has a 13w3 in the top of its three slots, a blank slot in
the middle, and a DB-9 on the bottom.

Extreme video has a 13w3, a mini-DIN, and some other round thing, all in one

(No guarantees that something inferior doesn't look the same, though.)

If there's an RJ-45 in one of the slots, that's possibly fast Ethernet.

Sleds cost about $25 on eBay.

The clock speed is slow (max 250, probably less than 200), and they aren't
going to sell 'em to anyone else in Astoria.  Offer 'em $10 each, maybe $20
for the purple one.


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