I2 info was [rescue] Big haul at work

Innfomail at aol.com Innfomail at aol.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:04 CST 2003

I ran across two unknown untested I2s, two teal and one purple. They indicate 
they are R10Ks (10000 on the front). The teal I2s have upgrade stickers in 
the back.

The link to SGIs in this current thread answered most of my questions except 
what to offer for one, particularly the purple. The people are PC people with 
little knowledge of SGI and no idea of the value. 

I want to make an offer without opening it if possible so I know it will be 
low. I bought an unopened SS5 for $10 and a 20E20 for $20 yesterday. Also got a 
free 4/75 and a free 4011 SGI and a couple other monitors. 

They know nothing about the I2s so they are reluctant to price them. I am 
going back by tomorrow so I would like to make them an offer. 

No idea of the video so I may take tools and see if I could look inside, 
although that almost always ups the price.

Any idea what is reasonable?

Astoria, OR

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