[rescue] Big haul at work

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:03 CST 2003

 Dan Duncan says ...
> I picked up 2 Indigo2's with known working cpu/mem (albeit unknown specs)
> but NO drives or drive sleds the other day.  I'd be interested in a drive
> sled each and possibly upgraded cpu/mem once I power them up and see what
> I have.  This is my first entry into the SGI world.

I^2s are cool.  Are yours teal (likely to be R4k) or purple (likely to be

They take 72-pin real-parity SIMMs, up to 16 MB (most teal ones) or 128 MB
(late purple ones) per SIMM.  You can, it seems, cram a gig of RAM into a
late R10K purple I^2.

They will run fine off the external SCSI chain until you find sleds.

The same CD-ROM drive that boots your Suns will boot the I^2s.

I think you can talk to them through the serial port, using a Macintosh
modem cable, and maybe a null modem.  That should be good enough to get into
the monitor and use the "hinv -t" command to get the specs on what you have.

The best site for Indigo 2 info is probably


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