[rescue] G3 Powerbook

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:00 CST 2003


I have a Wallstreet Powerbook, if that might be interesting.

250 Mhz
256 MB RAM
10 GB disk

Battery holds a decent charge, and I just replaced the PRAM battery. Runs

Some things you should know:

-Jaguar is the end of the line, unless Ryan Rempel gets XpostFacto to
support Panther on the Wallstreet
-Can only boot OS X out of an 8 GB partition, like the beige G3's- therefore
the disk has two partitions, an 8 and a 2
-No Quartz Extreme support
-Has the 13 inch screen, which LowEndMac will tell you had a lot of
problems, but this one has been fine
-Will support Wireless with an opensource driver from
wirelessdriver.sourceforge.net. I've been running it with an Orinoco WaveLan
Gold off my Airport Base Station. This driver won't support 128 bit WEP,
however. There's a shareware ($20) driver that will.

This machine has become superfluous since work just bought me a nice shiny
Ti 867 15-incher :-) It's not a speed demon anymore, but it does OK if you
need a portable web/email/office type machine.

If that's interesting, let me know.


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