[rescue] Speaking of Sbus cards

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:00 CST 2003

On Tuesday, November 18, 2003, at 08:55 PM, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> Looks kinda like they changed the plate.  The plug end is OK, and the 
> basic
> size is OK, but the plate is clearly not LX-ish.  It's got two 
> screw-holes
> in it, for one thing.

   There are two types of endplates...one with two screw holes, and one 
with two little ears that stick up.  The latter is the older type, the 
former appeared with (I think) SS10 systems.  Some cards have a little 
plate that screws on via those screw holes and two tiny philips-head 
screws, and that plate provides the ears in the shape of the older 
cards' end plates.  In SS10 and later systems, you'd remove that top 
piece with the ears and screw the board into the machine, but I've 
never known anyone to actually screw them in, and I certainly don't.


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