[rescue] Distributed Folding - the Geeks team

Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Sat Dec 20 18:07:57 CST 2003

Hmm, I have been running it on my PC for over a year. I don't even know 
my userid. I just looked and I am not part of geeks, I guess I will 
have to figure it out so we get credit.


On 18-Nov-03, at 1:32 PM, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:

> When I asked "what can I do with this Challenge L," Mike Meredith 
> suggested
> http:www.distributedfolding.org.  I'm doing that.  I've joined the 
> Geeks
> team, I'm running it on a couple of machines, etc.
> Although 40 people are signed up for the team, only a few seem to be 
> doing
> anything.  If anyone has some spare MIPs (even if they aren't MIPs 
> MIPs),
> there's more room.
> They have clients for Wintel, Linux, various Mac/OS Xen, Solaris, 
> IRIX, etc.
> The client, while not, perhaps, having the most elegant interface 
> known to
> man, seems innocuous.  You can start it and stop it without losing 
> anything.
> It will run completely in the background.
> I don't think we'll ever catch the big teams, but I rather enjoy the 
> idea
> that I'm actually contributing something to medical research while 
> heating
> my house....
> -Shel
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