[rescue] Can someone do me a favor (fast 'net, CD-burner)

Brooke Gravitt brooke at gravitt.org
Sat Dec 20 18:07:55 CST 2003

> Thanks to the rest of you, too.  The mutual-aid culture of the Rescue
> list is what makes it possible for me to ask, and prompts those who can
> respond to do so.
> It's a pleasure to share a planet with you all.

You too. For those were ready to but who haven't already helped out Shel,
please feel free to head over to the Apple store and buy me some new gear.
I figure that if enough people send me a G5, I can either set up a "Big
Mac" supercomputer for Dave to play with, or send Bill some shiny aluminum
goodness to match his new swords.

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