update: was [[rescue] Did I kill the octane?]

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sun Dec 28 17:44:04 CST 2003

On Dec 24, 2003, at 7:41 PM, Scott Newell wrote:
> Update: it appears to be running again, after replacement of the xbow 
> and
> scsi riser/backplane.  I'll probably swap stuff around some more just 
> to
> determine what exactly failed.
> I'm still disappointed that these machines seem to be so finicky.  I'm 
> also
> rather excited about the possibility of upgrading these R10k-250s to
> R12k-300.  Along the way, I'll be testing a R12k at 250 MHz as 
> well...any
> suggestions on benchmarks I should run?  I'm curious about R10k vs. 
> R12k at
> the same clock rate.

   For FP, try float.c...it's ancient and well understood.  You can find 
a copy on my ftp server...I forget where at the moment, probably 
/pub/misc but I can't check due to lack of connectivity (I'm typing 
this offline).

   I'm very much interested in learning your results.


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