[rescue] Searching old Unix workstations

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sun Dec 28 17:43:11 CST 2003

On Dec 24, 2003, at 2:59 PM, Corey wrote:
> Keep in mind that only the AT&T 3b1 was a
> 68K system (68010 to be specific). The 3b2/5/10/15/20
> line all used proprietary Western Electric CPUs.

   Heh...as proprietary as anything else, I suppose.  The only 
"standard" processor in common use is SPARC (which is an IEEE 

> I have a couple of working 3b1s, and could be
> induced to part with one for a worthy cause.

   3B1s are cool.  A full UNIX implementation with a bitmapped GUI on a 
10MHz processor with 512KB of RAM and a 10MB hard drive in a desktop 
box.  *Way* ahead of its time.


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