[rescue] Free stuff in Orlando, FL area

Nickolai Zeldovich kolya at MIT.EDU
Sun Dec 28 12:21:51 CST 2003

I've decided to clean up all the stuff I'm never going to use again.
Here's a list of the more note-worthy things (sorry for the non-Sun parts
of this list, maybe they're nonetheless of interest to some of you).
I'm mostly interested in people who can come pick it up in the next few
days, in Orlando FL.

-- kolya

Whole machines:

  Sun 3/50
  Sun 3/60
  Sun 3/260
  SPARC Classic
  SPARCstation 5
  SPARCstation 20
  DECstation 5000/200
  IBM RS/6000 desktop machine
  386/486/low-end Pentium boxes
  Apollo DN3000, DN3500's (many)
  Macintosh Plus
  Old laptops (286, 386?)

Keyboards and mice:

  Lots of PC (AT), Apollo, Sun (type 4, 5), SGI, DEC keyboards
  Serial and PS/2 PC mice, Apollo, Sun optical, SGI and DEC mice
  Spaceball (serial interface)


  Many RS/6000 cards (CPU, memory boards, 3270 interface, SCSI, video)
  Various PC cards (ISA network, PCI video, ...)
  Sun S-bus cards (SCSI, FDDI, serial, ...)
  DECstation cards (video, SCSI, memory)
  4 cards for two PDP-8s (two CPU, two memory)


  ISA Token-ring cards
  10 Mbps hubs
  8-port 10base2 repeater
  56k, 14.4k USR Courier modems
  T1, DS0 telco boxes
  T1 CSU/DSU (Tylink)
  DS0 CSU/DSU (Adtran)
  Cisco CGS router
  10baseT - 10baseFL transcievers


  Many 19" apollo, sun, DEC monitors, some go with the above machines


  External CDROM drive (IBM)
  External tape (QIC60, DDS, TK50) drives
  External disks
  DEC storage expansion boxes
  HP LaserJet 2
  Dot-matrix printers (24-pin)


  Many shelves of Apollo, IBM RS/6000, AIX, nCube, Sun documentation.


  Network, power, serial, parallel, any kind of cable you might think of


  OS/2 1.3, Warp 3
  IBM DOS 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
  DR DOS 6.0
  AIX 3.2.3
  Domain/OS, AEGIS software of all versions
  HPUX 8.0 on reel-to-reel tapes


  UPSes (300VA, 500VA, ..)
  Small stereo system
  Couple of power distribution pads (goes under your monitor with lots of
     power buttons)
  Video editing console
  AT&T touch-screen telephone with modem (computer/phone combo)
  Video monitors (RCA jack)

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