[rescue] Anyone have DLT parts?

Peter D. Porter peter at thinkingclearly.com
Sat Dec 27 02:56:51 CST 2003

I came across a 35/70 DLT drive that seems to work, with some coaxing, but
seems to have withstood some abuse when whoever removed it from the
machine did so with less than precise instruments.

The plastic cage that encases the DLT cartridge has the top broken off,
the piece (I assume it was attached to the top of the cage) that unlocks
the front spindle lock, and potentially some other device for lining up
the tape leader are all missing.

Does anyone have a few photos of the internals of a together DLT drive
they wouldn't mind sending along?  Or, better yet, have or know where to
find (for less than massive amounts of money) this part of the drive, or a
drive with other hardware problems in which this part is likely to be in
one piece.  The drive seems to work, aside from these problems.


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