[rescue] Searching old Unix workstations

Corey corey at phix.com
Wed Dec 24 13:59:22 CST 2003

> Hello. I am searching old unix-like workstations and systems for one
> personal project I should like to realize during the next two years or so.
> I should like to begin for Sun1, 2, 3 or 4 systems, AT&T 3Bx or other
> 68k systems from the eighties. Contact me in private in this email
> address. Thanks in advance.

Keep in mind that only the AT&T 3b1 was a
68K system (68010 to be specific). The 3b2/5/10/15/20
line all used proprietary Western Electric CPUs.
I have a couple of working 3b1s, and could be
induced to part with one for a worthy cause.



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