[rescue] Mac video cable?

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Sun Dec 21 12:22:33 CST 2003

Phil Stracchino wrote:
> We have just acquired a Power Mac 7300/180 and an Apple Multiple Scan
> Display 1705.  The 7300 is known to work; the 1705 is believed working;
> but the 1705 will not sync to the 7300's video output.  On the principle
> of lowest-cost-component first, I'm speculating that the problem is a
> bad video cable.
> Unfortunately, we have no spare Mac video cables.  Does anyone else have
> a known good Mac video cable, of the DB15M-HD15M variety as used by Power
> Macs of this age, surplus?

Sure, want to pick it up? BTW, the 1705 I have spent 6 months on a PC running
windows 98 and linux. It worked in 640x480 up to 1024x768.

Almost any multisync PC monitor will work with the 7300/180 and the cable
from the 1705. 

Here's what you should see:

1. Black screen....... counting up the memory.

(some powermacs die here without a battery). Battery is either a 4.5 volt
alkeline (split a 9 volt in half and put it in the case), or a 3 volt lithium
1/2AA with a long nose. 

Replace the 3 lithium battery with a CR2 from any camera store MIND THE

2. Gray screen......looking for a boot device.

3. either:

	Floppy disk with a question mark icon. == No boot disk found.

	Happy mac (boot disk found, and booting).

If you see the happy mac and then a floppy icon, it found a disk with boot
blocks, but no folder named "system folder" with a system in it.

Odd chords, or unhappy mac icons mean problems, you can find the documentation
easily. Stuck between a 2 and 3 means a termination or other disk problem,
such as a disk stuck in "I'm spinning up" mode.


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