[rescue] Happy Holidays

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Sat Dec 20 18:09:06 CST 2003

On Saturday, December 20, 2003, at 08:37 AM, Mark T. Valites wrote:

> On Fri, 19 Dec 2003, Carl R. Friend wrote:
>>    Best wishes, all!  May the hardware fairy be good to all of you!
> The hardware fairy came a little early for me this year. My brother 
> scored
> me a NeXTStation color, keyboard/mouse/speaker, matching 400 dpi
> laser printer, external cdrom, monitor (still on it's way from Boston),
> and a box of NeXTStep Developer docs and media. And if it boots, there
> may be a Turbo NeXTStation on its way too. Since he hadn't wrapped it 
> yet
> and I had to pick him up, I got it last night. I must admit he really
> surprised me this year!

It's kind of refreshing to see a family member know what to get for 
their hardware geek.

Better than a fruitcake anyway!  *grin*

> And on the same day, a buddy dropped off 3 Ultra 5s, 2 Ultra 1s, and a
> SS10 for me!

Ahh...you too suck for Christmas!  ;-)

Of course I'm not doing too bad having accumulated 3 Ultra 1's - one of 
which is a U1 Creator - and a SS20.  Waiting on the UPA Creator 3D 


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