[rescue] liberating hardware

job at jobbogan.com job at jobbogan.com
Sat Dec 20 18:09:06 CST 2003

Hi guys.  It's time for me to clean out some hardware to good homes. It
should all work, but no guarantees.  I'd certainly accept Sun, Mac, or
PC hardware in exchange, but mostly these machines deserve more use than
I give them.

I'm in Chicago (SouthSide), but I'm driving to DC (Sunday) & Burlington
VT (Tuesday).  I could be coaxed to bring hardware with me on the


R5k O2
R10k I^2 w/ ZX video
R4600 I^2 w/ galileo video capture board/box
R8k I^2 (questionable)
R4000 I^2
R4600 Indy
R5k Indy

SGI 2 port FDDI switch

IBM Router w/ 2xOC12, OC3, fast ethernet & hardware mpg encoder

Cisco FDDI concentrator - 10 ports

3 JavaStation 1's (tan shoeboxes)

Sparc Storage Array w/ sbus fc board

2 MTI HVD Wide SCSI arrays (8 x plain SCA) (i have manuals & sw)

DECstation 3100
DECstation 5000
DECstation 5100
DECstorage expansion box

HP 715/64

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