[rescue] Sad Solaris geek

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Sat Dec 20 18:09:04 CST 2003

Nadine Miller wrote:

> They have no clue about their two NetApp 7xx series boxes,
> so they are replacing the one that's still powered on with
> a Snap Appliance 4500 (from FC-AL to serial ATA--what is
> the world coming to?).

> Sad, so sad for a Solaris geek to see this.  *And* I don't
> have any cash, so when it comes time to put the stuff up
> for auction, I won't be able to snag anything good. *sniff*
> (Yes, that was a small whine.)

A quick review of ePay yesterday showed me I might not be
so sad about the NetApps, at least, afterall.  An F740
with one full tray of 18GB disks was going for $102 w/2days

At those prices it's hardly worth the effort to auction them...
so maybe I will get to take them home with me.


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