[rescue] SGI 540 (with pictures)

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Sat Dec 20 18:09:03 CST 2003

On Dec 18, 2003, at 1:55 AM, Bjvrn Ramqvist wrote:

> Thomas Gallaway wrote:
>> http://www.port11.net/~atom/sgi/sgi540menu.jpg
> This is just waaaay cool.
> /Bjorn
Yes for PC's they are... What I CANNOT figure out is why anyone in
their right mind would have bought the SGI branded PC rack
servers...they had nothing SGI about them except skins... they might as
well have been Poweredges.... but I think they costed an arm and a leg
at the time as I recall... what drunken stupor did they dream up those
boxes in?  I can understand high end graphics PC workstations in one
box (even their later BIOS'ed models)... but the servers?


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