[rescue] NCD 88K Thread Continuation - See Shel's posting

Chuck Bullett chuck.bullett at citcomm.com
Sat Dec 20 18:09:03 CST 2003


I'm looking for pinout information for the monitor connector on this
This is an odd DB-form factor with 26 pins, comprised of three rows of the
buggers. If I can't find a knowledge base for this video port, I'll figure
it out with my scope and probe each line.  I suspect that its sending simple
unbalanced R-G-B and clock signals through the one cable, though would like
to confirm it with supporting documentation.

I know its a relic, but I'm using the 88K's and  a few HMX's throughout the
house.  The HMX's are a cinch, using standard  S-VGA form-factor video

Now should the WYSE terminal go in the bathroom, or not?

Regards of the Season-

Chuck B.

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