[rescue] Sad Solaris geek

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Sat Dec 20 18:09:00 CST 2003

So I am at $job now for three days.

They have no clue about their two NetApp 7xx series boxes,
so they are replacing the one that's still powered on with
a Snap Appliance 4500 (from FC-AL to serial ATA--what is
the world coming to?).

They have all these FC-AL trays loaded with disks from the
Mirapoint Mail Appliances they are replacing over the next
few months.  Then there's one D1000, one A1000 (both powered
off), and in the dev lab--also to be replaced--a couple of
E250s, U2s, and several U60s.  All because the consultants
I am working for (two layers of contracting) are Linux

The replacement servers are HP Proliant 380s with SMP Xeon.

Sad, so sad for a Solaris geek to see this.  *And* I don't
have any cash, so when it comes time to put the stuff up
for auction, I won't be able to snag anything good. *sniff*
(Yes, that was a small whine.)

But it's a j-o-b, and I will be getting paid a reasonable
amount given the situation in SiliValley.


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