[rescue] Looking for Compaq Smart Start CD for Compaq Proliant 1600R

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Sat Dec 20 18:09:00 CST 2003

Actually, I've opted to not use the SmartStart CD that came with my 
5000, since it's rather outdated anyhow. You can go to Compaq's website 
and download the following items which will allow you to configure your 
system and do everything SmartStart will do, unless I forgot 

Here's the link to the guy's website that I got the information from:


Hope that helps!


On Dec 15, 2003, at 9:55 PM, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:

> I have a Compaq Proliant 1600R that has been sitting idle forever...
> I've added a second matching processor (and a VRM (12V input
> vs the original 5V/12V input, but it seems to work OK))....
> problem is I'm getting error code 178, and I need to run configuration.
> Apparantly, that is via the Smart Start CD.... which of course
> I do not have.
> It does not appear that Compaq makes Smart Start CD images available
> for download.
> Hoping someone here either has an extra CD, or can make an ISO image
> of theirs for me.
> Stupid me should have grabbed the CD.... when I obtained the computer
> I didn't even think about the funky Compaq nuances (that always made
> me hate Compaq).
> -- Curt
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